About Us

Our mission at Quinn Couture Dance is to create quality custom dance costumes that are both unique and stylish. Our goal is to make every dancer we work with-no matter their dancing level-feel confident and glamorous on the dance floor. 

Quinn Couture Dance was founded by costume designer, Megan Q. Dudley.  She holds both a BFA and an MFA in Costume Design.  She has designed and constructed costumes for theatre, film, television, and dance. Megan worked for the Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation and toured the world as the wardrobe supervisor for Ailey II. During her time at Ailey she was fortunate enough to work with and learn from many world renowned choreographers, dancers, and designers.

As a designer, Megan knows how important a costume is to a dancer.  She works with each dancer to determine their needs in order to be comfortable and confident on the floor. Megan knows that dancers come in all shapes, sizes, and financial situations, and makes it her mission to make amazing costumes that fit whatever parameters a dancer presents.

As a dancer herself Megan is in a unique position to understand and communicate with her clients.  She began dancing at the age of five and has taken classes in ballet, tap, jazz, and modern.  She was a member of Ballet Arts of Jackson, TN.  As an adult Megan was talked into taking a salsa class with a friend which led to her current obsession with ballroom dance.